MatlabBGL OSX 64-bit

Sasa Parad was kind enough to compile a version of MatlabBGL for 64-bit OS X (R2009b).  Something seemed to change in the mex interface that broke my old codes.

Without a mac, I can’t try this code … so I provide it without any guarantee.

Here’s an updated link … (2012-08-10)

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23 Responses to MatlabBGL OSX 64-bit

  1. Philip says:

    Thanks for the recompiled code!

  2. Dash says:

    Thanks a lot. I found the link on Launchpad ( Works for me too with 2010a on snow leopard.

  3. yas says:

    Ihad tried this but i have the same problem
    ??? Undefined command/function ‘clustering_coefficients_mex’.

    Error in ==> clustering_coefficients at 97


  4. yas says:

    i’m using matlab 7.0 windows XP

  5. Thank you very much, I’ve spent hours trying to cope with Matlab BGL on my mac…

  6. saturn says:

    Thank you very much.
    Spent lots of my time by trying to configure visual studio 2010, matlab, even boost and jams.

  7. Risa Myers says:

    Thank you! Had things working under r2010b and they stopped with r2011a. This solved the problem. Your library has been very helpful.

  8. Rudi says:

    Any chance to have a precompiled set for Win 7 (64bit)?

  9. Andrea says:

    I can’t manage to download the file, is it still in ? Thanks!

  10. Bobby Rohrkemper says:

    I’m having the same issue (cannot find mex files) as mentioned in this question:

    I have downloaded the mac version above and attempted to use it with 2012a. Will I need to compile again myself?

    If yes, for compiling, are these instructions still up to date?

  11. Dongoo Lee says:

    updated link is not working…

  12. jianglurong says:

    It is very helpful. Thanks a lot !!!

  13. Thanks a lot! It works on my mac now(Lion with Matlab 2011b). save me a a lot of time to compile.

  14. Rossana says:

    Thanks a lot! It works on my mac now!

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