pynetcdf and libnetcdf

Here is what I had to do to compile pynetcdf and libnetcdf to get an egg file.  It was really annoying.

cd $HOME/devextern # my directory for external codes

# get netcdf
wget ""
tar xzvf netcdf-4.1.2.tar.gz
cd netcdf-4.1.2 

# configure/compile netcdf 
./configure --prefix=$HOME --with-pic 
make install # this puts stuff in $HOME/lib $HOME/share $HOME/bin $HOME/include

# make sure it works
make check

# get pynetcdf
cd $HOME/devextern
wget ""
tar xzvf pynetcdf-0.7.tar.gz
cd pynetcdf-0.7

Now it gets really annoying.  The pynetcdf file is really quite old, and so I had to update it.  But first, we need to get the linking command for netcdf.

$HOME/bin/nc-config --libs

For me this was

-L/home/dfgleic/lib/lib -lnetcdf -lz -L/usr/kerberos/lib64 \
 -lcurl -ldl -lgssapi_krb5 -lkrb5 -lk5crypto \
 -lcom_err -lidn -lssl -lcrypto -lz

We want to compile pynetcdf with netcdf linked statically.  There is a bug in pynetcdf’s configure script with detecting the library.  Change the first “if” statement to:

if netcdf_prefix is None:
    test_prefix = []
        netcdf_prefix = os.environ['NETCDF_PREFIX']
    except KeyError:
    for netcdf_prefix in test_prefix:
        netcdf_include = os.path.join(netcdf_prefix, 'include')
        netcdf_lib = os.path.join(netcdf_prefix, 'lib')
        if os.path.exists(os.path.join(netcdf_include, 'netcdf.h')):
            netcdf_prefix = None

Modify the add_extension line in of pynetcdf-0.7 as follows:

    config = Configuration('pynetcdf',parent_package,top_path)
# change starts here
                         sources = ['_netcdf.c'],
                            '-L/usr/kerberos/lib64 -lcurl -ldl -lgssapi_krb5 -lkrb5 -lk5crypto -lcom_err -lidn -lssl -lcrypto -lz']
# change ends here.

Note that the -L/usr/kerberos/lib64 string comes from the linking line above.  We have removed -lnetcdf and -L because they are added by the other commands.

We are almost done.  At this point, the following build command should work.

python build

PAUSE HERE if you want an egg.  The next step is typically “python install” but we want to use setuptools to install so that we get an egg instead of a python directory.  If you don’t want an egg, go ahead and run python install.  Otherwise, edit again and change:

if __name__ == "__main__":
    #from numpy.setuptools import setup
    from setuptools import setup

After this edit, run

python install

This will place an pynetcdf-0.7.*.egg file in your site-packages directory.  This is what you want, right?  You should be able to use the library now with

import pynetcdf
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One Response to pynetcdf and libnetcdf

  1. Camille M. says:

    Thanks a lot for the tutorial. It works for me!

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