Finding a directory for research demos

I’ve had a few online Matlab demos over my career as a graduate student. One that’s rather fun is to see the evolution of the giant component in an Erdos-Reyni random graph as the connection probability is increased beyond a phase-transition point.

After a few frantic emails from a course TA trying to get the demo to work for a class demonstration, I figured I should probably update this demo. I also hope to do more of these, and so I thought I’d try and puzzle out a way of doing them efficiently.

When I began doing this, the first question hit me:

Where should I put the files?

That is, this demo will involve

  • text for an online post/web-page
  • Matlab code or some other source code
  • figure files that are produced by the Matlab code.

So where should these files go?

Given where I currently store files, there are three logical places.

  • publications directory This directory is where I store all articles that I’m working on along with all of the supporting figures. However, usually the codes for these are stored elsewhere (in research/publications). This directory is hosted in Dropbox so I can always edit these files.
  • website directoryThis directory holds all the information for my website. Since
    the demos will go on the website, wouldn’t this be a logical place?
    This file is also on Dropbox.
  • research directoryThis directory is where I put small little research codes, as well
    as all the code for ongoing research projects. The separation between
    the two is a bit loose. For instance, a small research code will
    go into research/2011/09-05-new-test if I did a little work on
    something called new-test starting on 2011-09-05. If these
    small experiments become something more concrete, they get moved
    into a new git repository under research/publications. For space reasons, this directory is not on Dropbox. I also have a Dropbox/research directory for really small codes that I work on while not at my main computers.

After writing this description, the solution became obvious:
store these in Dropbox/research/demos This directory will
hold all of the code and documentation for the website.

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