A person made of money is worth $1,000,000

After watching the Geico about a man made of money, I asked my wife. “If a person were actually made of $100 bills, how much would that be?” Neither of us knew the answer.

So I set to find out! First, getting the volume of a US bill was easy through Google. According to that source, it’s 6.14 inches × 2.61 inches × 0.0043 inches = 0.06890922 cubic inches.

Now, what is the volume of an adult human? After doing some searches that gave me “volumes of urns for burnt human remans” and “blood volumes”, I happened across a nutrition paper on variations in body volume.

Human Body Density and Fat of an Adult Male Population as Measured by Water Displacement, H. J. KRZYWICKI and K. S. K. CHINN
Am J Clin Nutr April 1967 vol. 20 no. 4 305-310

Okay, now we are in business. The volume of an adult ranges between 42 and 75 L. I figured 60L was a reasonable midpoint. Thus, an adult made of money is worth:

  1. $53,000 (using $1 bills)
  2. $1,060,000 (using $20 bills)
  3. $5,300,000 (using $100 bills)

I used $1M in the title as the most common high-denomination bill.

So you can now tell your friends when you are worth more than if you were made of money.

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2 Responses to A person made of money is worth $1,000,000

  1. I just watched this commercial again. The money man is in fact made of many different denominations. Looks like we need some UQ!

  2. dgleich says:

    I can’t find a good picture to determine the distribution of bills on the surface, which we’d have to assume permeates the entire body.

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