A call to update the Lake Arrowhead graph!

Please read Cleve Moler’s blog post about the Lake Arrowhead matrix too and look at the comments. That’s what got this all started!

We’d like to produce a new version of this matrix with information from 2013. Once I have that, I’ll run a a few matrix-based link-prediction techniques that Gene would have enjoyed and report the results. (You can see the preliminary results on the linked page.)

These have already born fruit as they revealed a missing link between Boley and Golub (“A modified method for reconstructing periodic Jacobi matrices” Math. Comp. 42(165):143-150, 1984.)

Some other new links I found by looking at Gene’s CV

  • Golub and Benzi
  • Golub and Pan (is JY Pan the same?)
  • Golub and Funderlic
  • Golub and Strakos
  • Golub and Chandrasekaran
  • Golub and Bai (was this Bai Zhaojun?)
  • Golub and Moler
  • Golub and Park (assuming Haesun)
  • Golub and Hansen
  • Golub and Gragg
  • Golub and Starke

Some of these were predicted by the metrics! Awesome!

And these links were missing from the original!

  • Golub and Boley
  • Golub and Smith (assuming it was L. Smith at the meeting)
  • Golub and Stewart (assuming it was G. W. at the meeting)

Key questions

  • Who was the “Ng” at the meeting? Gene and Michael Ng authored a paper together, so that’d be another link if it was the same one — but this is a pretty common last name.
  • Was it L. Smith at the 1993 meeting?
  • Was it Pete Stewart at the meeting?

While I have a copy of Gene’s CV, the key issue is finding all the links between the other 103 people in the graph! So we need some help.

The full list of authors is

  1. Golub
  2. Wilkinson
  3. TChan
  4. He
  5. Varah
  6. Kenney
  7. Ashby
  8. LeBorne
  9. Modersitzki
  10. Overton
  11. Ernst
  12. Borges
  13. Kincaid
  14. Crevelli
  15. Boley
  16. Anjos
  17. Byers
  18. Benzi
  19. Kaufman
  20. Gu
  21. Fierro
  22. Nagy
  23. Harrod
  24. Pan
  25. Funderlic
  26. Edelman
  27. Cullum
  28. Strakos
  29. Saied
  30. Ong
  31. Wold
  32. VanLoan
  33. Chandrasekaran
  34. Saunders
  35. Bojanczyk
  36. Dubrulle
  37. Marek
  38. Kuo
  39. Bai
  40. Tong
  41. George
  42. Moler
  43. Gilbert
  44. Schreiber
  45. Pothen
  46. NTrefethen
  47. Nachtigal
  48. Kahan
  49. Varga
  50. Young
  51. Kagstrom
  52. Barlow
  53. Widlund
  54. Bjorstad
  55. OLeary
  56. NHigham
  57. Boman
  58. Bjorck
  59. Eisenstat
  60. Zha
  61. VanHuffel
  62. Park
  63. Arioli
  64. MuntheKaas
  65. Ng
  66. VanDooren
  67. Liu
  68. Smith
  69. Duff
  70. Henrici
  71. Tang
  72. Reichel
  73. Luk
  74. Hammarling
  75. Szyld
  76. Fischer
  77. Stewart
  78. Bunch
  79. Gutknecht
  80. Laub
  81. Heath
  82. Ipsen
  83. Greenbaum
  84. Ruhe
  85. ATrefethen
  86. Plemmons
  87. Hansen
  88. Elden
  89. BunseGerstner
  90. Gragg
  91. Berry
  92. Sameh
  93. Ammar
  94. Warner
  95. Davis
  96. Meyer
  97. Nichols
  98. Paige
  99. Gill
  100. Jessup
  101. Mathias
  102. Hochbruck
  103. Starke
  104. Demmel

If you are one of these authors and you’ve co-authored a paper with someone after the original Lake Arrowhead matrix from 1993, can you post a note either on my blog or on Cleve’s blog with any additional co-authors?

Alternatively, if you’d like to email one of us your CV, we’ll do all the work for you! I reported the updates from Golub’s CV already.

Update I created a GitHub repository for these edits. If you are feeling brave, head to the arrowhead-graph repository click on “arrowhead-new” (if the paper occurred in 1993 or afterwards) or “arrowhead-missing” (if it was missing from the original, i.e. a pre 1993 reference). Then click “edit”. You’ll have to sign up for an account (which is good to have anyway!), but then it’ll automatically edit the file and tell me your changes.

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5 Responses to A call to update the Lake Arrowhead graph!

  1. Nick Higham says:

    Higham and A. Trefethen, Higham and N. Trefethen, Higham and Bojanczyk, Higham and Van Dooren, Higham and Kenney, Higham and Hammarling are all post-1993.

  2. Steve L says:

    In your link prediction demo, the first line in the “Katz scores” section is incomplete. I was able to find the Wikipedia page on “Katz centrality” (on the third page of Google results; apparently the Katz index is much more commonly used or cited as a medical evaluation technique) but for ease of reference can you complete the demo description? Thanks!

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