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Creating high-quality graphics in MATLAB for papers and presentations

This blog post is a bit different. Tammy Kolda originally drafted the following material to explain how to generate good looking Matlab figures. It was based on some notes I had sent her. After discussing it further, we decided to … Continue reading

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Convert bazaar to git

A while back, I decided I wanted to switch one of my projects to a public repository.  Something with a bug-tracker, a comment system, and that kind of stuff.  I also wanted to use a distributed version control system to … Continue reading

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Fixing textext on Inkscape for Windows

It seems someone beat me to the punch by 14 hours!  See this link for the same package: The most recent versions of Inkscape for Windows (0.48 right now) ship with python 2.6.  However, the textext extension was written for … Continue reading

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Random generation with uniform_real in C++ tr1

I spent another hour or so on something annoying this afternoon.Namely, how to get c++ to generate correct random numbers.  A while back, I used the Boost library to generate uniformly distributed random numbers between 0 and 1 (probably) thusly: … Continue reading

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